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Found Amazing Country and

There are amazing nature in Cambodia. I was amazed by the blessings of nature and fascinated by the pure smiles of the Cambodians. It sounds that most of Cambodians did not know they have treasure. I came from Japan, raised in Tokyo, and since I was a kid, I had been exposed to wonderful, high-quality food and skin care, so I was able to understand the benefits of Cambodia better.

Found Treasure

And I found coconuts oil and tried, I feel it really works to my health. I tried cashew nuts and I was very surprised. "This is No.1 taste I ever had before." I tried many products such as Moringa, Dry Fruits, Natural Soap and so on and I have been fascinated by these natural gifts. Moreover I learned benefit of these products, I found that they were among the top class healthy ingredients in the world. I finally I became sure "Made in Cambodia Products with bless of Nature" will contribute to the health of people in the world.

No one said "Made in Cambodia Products"

However at the time, many Cambodia people said to me. "You can't sell made in Cambodia products." "Why?" "Because bad quality. I don't wanna buy made in Cambodia products." I felt sad at the time. I knew that Cambodia is full of treasures of nature's blessings, and traditional medicine has been passed down since the Angkor dynasty. I want Cambodians who were born and raised in such a wonderful country to create what they can think of as "Proud of Cambodia."

Proud of Cambodia

And finally I decided to open the store, "Amazing Cambodia." One day, young Cambodian boy came to our store and asked us. "Wow, all products are made in Cambodia?" "Yes." "Wow, I didn't know that." In the end, he said. "Proud of Cambodia." Since 2009, I have been waiting this moment. I always wish we deliver not only healthy products but also "Happiness." This is the story why I started opening store in Cambodia. By Founder, NUKUI Wakana.